BOOK REVIEW  By Anthony Drigo

Dominica gets into your veins!  She invades all your senses, suffuses your brain with mystical experiences and embeds herself into your DNA.  It is arguable that it is impossible to leave unchanged, having stood on the shores of Dominica and gazed upon her majestic beauty.  In fact, many never leave; finding it impossible to resist the seductiveness of the Nature Island of the Caribbean.

In Poetic Island, Ms Olivia Williams captures the essence of Dominica with a style that is as majestic as the mountains of Dominica.  Her unabashed yielding to the charm of the Island is unmistakable from her first sentence right through to the end.

Poetic Island evokes nostalgia in the sons and daughters of Dominica, and her many guests.  If you have (unfortunately) not experienced the Island, Poetic Island will tantalize your imagination, taking you on the most incredible and memorable adventure.

Ms Williams’ skill as a writer seems to be matched only by her keen sense of observation and an almost mythical ability to capture the poignancy of everyday interactions between the Island and its people.  She definitely got it!That, what makes Dominica unique is the special synergistic energy that exists between the people and the Island.

Dominica has to be experienced!  The Island has defied the pen of many talented writers.  Even the most gifted writers find it difficult to convey the invigorating feeling that accompanies one’s first deep breath of the crisp, fresh mountain air, or the rush from immersing oneself in the cool water of one of its numerous crystal clear streams, or the rejuvenation of one’s energy from soaking in its natural sulfur springs.  Poetic Island does all that and more. The writing is clear, elegant and refreshing.

Olivia is among the few who have succeeded in capturing and communicating the intoxicating aura of Dominica.  She is able to transport the reader to Dominica and take them along with her on a bus ride from the city through the rainforest to the small village of Delices.  The reader takes a rain bath with Ms Williams and can almost feel the freshness of the rain on her skin.  Allow her to deftly carry you across the Island and immerse you in conversations with Dominicans.  Get invited to sit in the kitchen and partake of Dominica’s cuisine.

Olivia Williams’ writing is at once light and easy to read, yet deep.  It is good to the last page and will easily find its way to your list of favorite and most recommended literary works.  Poetic Island is a Caribbean vacation in a packet to one of the most pristine and unique destinations on earth.                            



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