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No Need to Rush

Poetic Island illustration

Strolling up the main road to Delices, the moon’s radiance is vibrating across the night skies. The silence of the moon draws my eyes to observe its beauty more intently.

I am walking but my eyes are not on the ground, because the power of the moon has magnetized my vision. Initially, my pace is that of a swift and frequent walker, but gradually this pace slowly decreases as the power of the full moon’s light forces me into a reflective state of mind. It told me to enjoy the stroll back home. It told me to feel the night’s wind rushing so gently against my skin. It was teaching me to breathe, and telling me to allow this moment to sink in. And it kept digging under my skin, whispering to me that there is no need to rush.

This life may give you many ups and downs and for many it will pass by without ever realizing it. 

I am praising the heavens now since it is the thing that helped me to see that there is no need for me to rush this evening. Please make time to meditate on this life and take in the delights that God’s creation continuously give.