Welcome to the Extraordinary

Dominica, Breathe

             From where did you appear?

Perhaps you were overlooked when the voyager’s of long ago were on their search for gold.
It seems as if they could not see the precious jewels that lie nestled deep inside your web.
Eventually, it was the Maroons and Carib Indians who became consumed in the beauty and serenity you offered men possessing humility.
Therefore, over time, you became overly beautified.
Your body gave birth to a variety of flora and shrubbery.
Also, mountaintops of ancient times became decorated by banana and plantain trees;
Pathways to little secluded sanctuaries were made by the feet of those who accepted your heavenly reality.
Every fruit and vegetable was supplied plentifully.
Therefore it is no wonder that your residents have lived for over a century.
Dominica, Dominica-
Nature Island of the Caribbean - perhaps the nature island of the entire world’s floating countries.
Your beauty remains to be left unseen, but your greenery and pleasant summer breezes whispers the secrets of your elegance and your longevity.
You are a diamond in disguise and few will ever come to understand the power and glory that you possess- unquestionably.
Dominica, although being uncovered on a Sunday, you will last for eternity.
There is no one quite like thee.
Dominica continue to breathe,
For soon they will discover your gently existence;
The island producing hundreds of fresh water streams. The water sustains the vegetation and the human population.
When you allow your waters to flow from the caves concealed within your underground peaks, you incessantly preserve the essence of every living creature.
You replenish and rejuvenate the harsh elements that sometimes accumulate on the surface of your land.
Freshness flows every time you allow the rivers to roll down your lofty mountain tops, thus giving birth to the winds that help keep us cool even when the sun strikes us with its many blows.
You are so magical and at the same time inspirational.
As you breathe you allow me to dream that one day life will be free the way I envision it everyday in Dominica.
Dominica, Breathe.