A Look Inside Poetic Island 

Poetic Island by Olivia Williams

Come and discover one of the best kept secrets of the Caribbean, Dominica. Poetic Island takes you beyond the tourists view of visiting the Caribbean to the true heart of the Nature Isle.  This is not a book about beaches, hotels, diving, or festivals. It is however, a book that desires to reveal the heartbeat of an authentic environment that could never be duplicated artifically. 

It is an organic society that has allowed its natural terrain to shape the lifestyles of its people. The objective is for you to mediate and reflect on the many simple and free gifts that are within our everyday view if we only take the time to see. After time is spent reflecting on what is observed, it makes life so much worth living.  

This book is a gift to Waitukubli for teaching me how to live free and naturally. 

Author: Olivia Williams
Illustrations By: Petros Meaza

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ISBN : 9-780-6154-04264

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Poetic Island: Stories from Dominica 

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