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WHY the Book Poetic Island?


Dear Eco-Traveler:

Poetic Island is a tribute to Waitukubli, the eastern Caribbean island called  Dominica.

It is written for individuals who enjoy the simple pleasures of life such as breathing clean air, drinking spring water from a river, enjoying a day by a river, watching the sun rise, listening to birds sing, or just enjoying an upbuilding conversation with a neighbor.

For residents of the U.S., life's pace is fast and becomes stressful easily. However, upon arriving to Dominica that pace disappears and a soothing rhythm replaces it. This rhythm comes naturally with no added stress. The amazing greenery and mountainous terrain of the island wash away doubts about the essence of living. 

There are many islands in this world, but only 1 Poetic Island. It is Poetic, because it evokes an impassioned feeling that can only be expressed in imaginative words. It is on Poetic Island that you truly Experience the Extraordinary. We invite you to experience  the natural assets, cultural heritage, and the unique lifestyle of Dominicans. 

It is my hope that everyone who visits this mystical place will be inspired                                                                                         to  write their own version of Poetic Island  

Sincerely Yours, 

Ms. Olivia Williams                                                                           

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